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    The Stalls is one large block of seating, separated by an aisle that runs behind Row J, creating extra legroom for Row K. A good rake throughout the auditorium ensures a clear view from every seat.

    The best views can be found in central seats of Row E, F and G. Seats at the ends of rows may suffer from part of the stage being cut off, so it is best to choose seats for the same price elsewhere. The front row is often priced slightly cheaper than the rest of the Stalls due to audience members having to crane their necks. Rows can be removed depending on the production.

    Row L and M at the back of the Stalls are discounted, as the overhang of the Circle cuts off the top of the stage. These rows must be accessed by the central aisle, as there is no access from either side.

    There are no seats directly in front of M11 and 12, creating extra legroom. Legroom is good for all other seats in this section.


    The Café Bar is available at the basement level and can be accessed via 11 steps from this section. Alternatively, it can be reached via a customer lift. Staff are able to bring drinks to patrons who are unable to access the bars.


    Men’s and Women’s toilets are situated on this level. A fully-adapted toilet is located in the Stalls, with handrails and an emergency alarm.

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