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Theatre Royal Haymarket
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Theatre Royal Haymarket Capacity

The Theatre Royal Haymarket London has a capacity of 894 seats. Section capacities are 362 Stalls, 215 Royal Circle, 186 Upper Circle and 131 Gallery. Use our interactive seating plan to view 4737 seat reviews and 3431 photos of views from seat.

Built in a traditional Victorian style, the theatre has one of the most impressive auditoriums. Views can be varied due to the curve of the seating, which means some seats offer side-angled views. Restricted view seats are clearly labelled.

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Theatre Royal Haymarket Seating Plan

Good value seats

Sit towards the ends of rows in the Stalls and Royal Circle for some bargains, even when the balcony is curved. Restricted view seats in the Upper Circle provide great value for money, as there are limited restrictions that would hinder overall enjoyment!

Premium seats

The best seats in the house are available throughout the Stalls, more specifically in the centre seats of rows E-J. Alternatively, the front three rows of the Royal Circle have great views, even in seats towards the ends of rows. Sit as centrally as possible for the best overall view.

Recommended Box Seats

Give your next visit to the Theatre Royal Haymarket the regal treatment by booking a seat in one of the two Stalls boxes. Box A was formerly called the Royal Box and has received several generations of noble guests dating back to a young Queen Victoria. Located adjacent to the stage on each side of the auditorium, these boxes contain two seats each and must both be booked as a pair. This means you will have a totally private experience with the whole box reserved for your party only, making it the perfect date night option.

The seats within the box are freestanding, allowing you to move them to maximise your view, legroom and overall comfort. Due to their proximity to the stage and location at the side of the auditorium, the view will be slightly restricted over similarly priced seats in the central stalls, however the added privacy makes them a great choice for a special occasion with a best friend or loved one.

Recent Audience Photos

Stalls J10

Theatre Royal Haymarket, London
This is a really good seat, almost central and I could see everything on stage easily. I highly recommend this seat: close en... More
Saw Noises Off on 06 December 2023

Royal Circle C5

Theatre Royal Haymarket, London
Seats a little narrow, legroom ok, but not the best I've had. Good view of most of stage, but front right is out of view, so... More
Saw Noises Off on 05 December 2023

Stalls B5

Theatre Royal Haymarket, London
Huge legroom as you’re now front row for this show, really comfy seat however the stage is rather high and so you miss below... More
Saw Noises Off on 02 December 2023

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