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August Wilson Theatre
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August Wilson Theatre Capacity

The August Wilson Theatre New York has a capacity of 1239 seats. Section capacities are 754 Orchestra and 485 Mezzanine. Use our interactive seating chart to view 553 seat reviews and 531 photos of views from seat.

Seating in August Wilson Theatre is spread across two levels. The Orchestra is larger than the Mezzanine, with seats split into Left, Center and Right sections. The Mezzanine overhang can have a pronounced impact on sightlines at the rear of the Orchestra and those sitting in the far corners will experience partial views. The Mezzanine offers good views, thanks to a decent rake between each row.

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August Wilson Theatre Seating Chart

Good value seats

Seats in the middle rows of Orchestra Left and Right are great options if you want to pay less but still feel close to the action. Cheap tickets in the back of the Mezzanine are a little distant, but promise a decent overview of the stage on a budget.

Premium seats

The best seats in the August Wilson Theatre are Center Orchestra rows E - J. These are the perfect distance from the stage so you won’t miss the actors’ feet during the dance numbers at big musicals, and can take in the entire set. Rows B and C of the Center Mezzanine also promise some of the best views, with an open view of the entire stage.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Orchestra A9

August Wilson Theatre Orchestra A9 view from seat photo
The seat is against the far left wall but unlike other far side seats at other theaters there is virtually no room between th... More
Funny Girl on Broadway
Saw Funny Girl on Broadway on 31 August 2023

Orchestra H18

August Wilson Theatre Orchestra H18 view from seat photo
Seat on the aisle. Legroom and comfort typical for broadway theatres. Slightly restricted view but you do not miss tooo much.... More
Funny Girl on Broadway
Saw Funny Girl on Broadway on 20 August 2023

Mezzanine B103

August Wilson Theatre Mezzanine B103 view from seat photo
Amazing seats! The man in front of me was a little too tall for some scenes, but it’s just the way theaters are. More
Funny Girl on Broadway
Saw Funny Girl on Broadway on 13 August 2023

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