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Mezzanine Guide

The Mezzanine makes up 283 seats above the Orchestra, splitting into a further three sections with aisles between each. At its widest across Left, Center and Right, the section measures 41 seats, extending eight rows back. With the Balcony overhang beginning at row C, views behind this may experience cut-off. Similarly, the safety bar across row A may cut off the very bottom of the stage for shorter patrons.

Generally, a good rake in the Mezzanine means overhead views of the stage are decent, providing a great vantage point to enjoy the action from a distance. The best seats to take advantage of this are in the Center Mezzanine.

With slightly cramped space for taller patrons, the best legroom in the Mezzanine is available on aisle seats. The extra comfort is offset by a restricted view on the far edges, however.

The Belasco Theatre Mezzanine has four transfer seats with folding armrests, although as they are located up one flight of stairs with an additional two steps up to each row, may not be suitable for patrons with limited mobility.

Left Mezzanine

The Left Mezzanine comprises odd seats, ascending from one on the inside to 27 at the outer edge. Rows run from A at the front to H at the rear. Seats are best at the lower range of numbers, offering decent views without too much of an angle restricting or cutting off parts of the action. In these seats, the rake also means patrons in front shouldn’t block the view too badly. For those wanting more legroom the best options are aisle seats, in particular on the inside; patrons should note that sitting on aisle seats at the extreme ends of rows will mean a restricted view of the stage. Seats in the back row and extreme side cost less, with prices increasing the closer patrons get to front and center.

Right Mezzanine

The Right Mezzanine somewhat mirrors the Left, although it has fewer seats, in particular along the back rows. Seats run even-numbered from two inside up to 28 at the outermost edge. Patrons looking for good legroom without compromising view can take advantage of the shorter back row, which has a good rake and ends midway into the section. Like the Left Mezzanine, extreme side and corner seats have partially restricted views because seats curve towards the stage. The best - and most expensive - seats available are in the lower range of the front few rows. Prices decrease towards the back and outer sides.

Center Mezzanine

The Center Mezzanine is the optimum area of this section, with all seats facing forward and aligned to the stage. The best legroom is once again on aisles, and both ends of the Center Mezzanine still enjoy a head-on view to the stage.

Rows A to D are the most expensive in this section, but row C is ideal to avoid the sometimes-obstructive safety bar running in front of row A. Patrons looking to pay a bit less should be happy with Center Mezzanine rows F-H, which take advantage of the section’s good rake to offer clear overviews of the action below.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Center Mezzanine row C is a good bet; a decent rake helps aerial sightlines without the safety bar in row A cutting off too much of the performance below.

Best legroom seats

Aisle seats offer the most legroom in the Belasco Theatre’s Mezzanine; those on either end of Center Mezzanine are best for combining comfort and view.


• The best seats are Center Mezzanine, rows B-D
• For more legroom, try inside aisle seats over outside to avoid a restricted view
• A safety bar can obstruct views in row A; opt for rows B-D to avoid this
• The Balcony overhang begins at row C
• Prices are cheaper at the far edges but must be balanced with restricted views


The front few rows of the Center Mezzanine seating are most expensive for their direct and usually clear views. Prices here do not vary wildly from middle to end so it is best to sit as centrally as possible. Prices are cheapest for the section in the back and sides.


The Belasco Theatre’s bar is down two flights of stairs, in the basement. Drinks can get quite expensive, so keep orders to a minimum and perhaps enjoy a post-show drink elsewhere.


Restrooms are available on this level. If queues are busy, women can try restrooms in the Balcony above. These options are not wheelchair accessible.

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