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Orchestra Guide

The Orchestra is the largest section at the Belasco Theatre, placed close to the stage with 527 seats across a maximum of 18 rows. The Center Orchestra rests between the Left and Right Orchestras, with aisles running the length and sides of each.

The Mezzanine overhang begins at row J, meaning seats behind this may experience cut-off at the top of the stage. Conversely, the “Little Theater” inspired auditorium means even seats in the back row of the Orchestra do not feel too distant; a good rake makes Center Orchestra seats further back a fair choice for patrons at a lower price than the optimum row C or D.

The best legroom in the Orchestra will usually be found on aisle seats, although the comfort of extra space may be offset by a side-on restricted view for some productions if the seat is further along than the middle of Left or Right Orchestra.

Patrons using wheelchairs can find designated step-free seating for themselves and companions in the center to back half of the Orchestra, and transfer seats are similarly found, also step-free, across rows H-P.

Left Orchestra

Left Orchestra seats run odd-numbered from 1 on the inside up to 27 on the outside. Seats on the inside of this section provide a better overall view, with views becoming more restricted and angled towards the outside. In particular, the corner seats of rows B-E can offer a below-average view compared to similar options. Legroom in this section is best in the front row and on aisle seats but should be weighed up next to factors such as angle to the stage. Patrons can expect to pay more for seats towards the inside and front of this section, with prices lowering as the chart fans out to the far sides and back. Boxes to the side of this section offer private experiences but can suffer from obstructed views due to the angle.

Right Orchestra

With a similar layout to the Left Orchestra, this section runs even-numbered from 2 to 28 at its widest point and spans 16 rows. Legroom is best in the front row and on the aisles, although patrons may find better views to be had towards the inside of the section or a couple of rows back from the front. Far corner seats provide a more restricted view, and patrons will pay less for these compared to the section’s most desirable seats on the inner side of rows B-D. The Right Orchestra Boxes allow patrons to enjoy a premium and intimate evening at the theater, but side-on views may not be optimal for some performances.

Center Orchestra

The Belasco Theatre Center Orchestra forms one continuous section, with 18 rows of up to 14 seats. Seat numbers run from 101-114 left to right, with some of the venue’s best – and most expensive - seats found in the middle of rows C-E. The very front rows can be too close to the stage for some patrons due to neck craning, but from front to back, the Center Orchestra seats don’t tend to feel too distant; a seat slightly further away can be a good value deal. Like the other Orchestra sections, the best legroom in the Center Orchestra is available on the aisle and front rows. Unlike Left and Right, aisle seats in the Center are not negatively impacted by being side-on to the stage.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Center Orchestra seating in rows C-E is ideal. They don’t sit too close to the stage and allow patrons to enjoy the show with a clear, head-on view of actors’ faces.

Best legroom seats

Whilst aisle seats or the front row across all three areas of the Orchestra benefit from more expansive legroom, those in the Center Orchestra are best for an unencumbered view of performances.


• The Mezzanine overhang begins at Orchestra row J
• Legroom is best on aisle seats, but make sure to compare far side views
• Seats at the Left and Right edges suffer from restricted views of the stage
• Rows C-E in the Center Orchestra are some of the best seats in the house
• Wheelchair and transfer seating is available step-free across the back half of the section


Center Orchestra seats are the most expensive in both this section and the venue, with top prices closer to the stage. Prices gradually fall as seats move across the Left and Right Orchestras, with the cheaper options reserved for seats at the far edges and corners.


A bar serving snacks and refreshments is located in the basement one level down, although please be aware that drinks can be expensive.


A wheelchair accessible restroom is available on Orchestra level, with other restrooms down one flight of stairs or in the Mezzanine above.

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