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Belasco Theatre
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Belasco Theatre Capacity

The Belasco Theatre New York has a capacity of 996 seats. Section capacities are 513 Orchestra, 283 Mezzanine and 200 Balcony. Use our interactive seating chart to view 352 seat reviews and 342 photos of views from seat.

Belasco Theatre seating is split across three levels, with around half of seats situated in the Orchestra. The Orchestra seating chart splits into Left, Center and Right, with views best in the middle. The Mezzanine’s center seats also offer good views for patrons wanting to sit further back whilst the Balcony is more distant, with some restrictions caused by safety bars and side angles. Boxes are available for side-on, intimate seating, and it’s worth noting that across all levels seats further to the sides become more obstructed.

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Belasco Theatre Seating Chart

Good value seats

The rear Center Orchestra is a price bracket below premium; thanks to the smaller auditorium, seats do not feel too distant. Sitting centrally in rows G-O is a good bet for best value seats. Central seats a couple of rows back in the Mezzanine offer a fair view at cheaper prices, although in both sections be aware that sitting to the side can cause restrictions from angles, safety bars or Boxes.

Premium seats

The best seats in the house are Center Orchestra towards the front. In particular, rows B-D aren’t so close to the stage to necessitate neck craning, instead offering a comfortable position to enjoy an intimate drama. Row A of the Mezzanine is also top price with a sweeping view, although some patrons may find the safety bar obstructs the bottom of the stage.

Belasco Theatre has in recent years added premium, immersive onstage seating for some productions.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Balcony D112

Belasco Theatre Balcony D112 view from seat photo
Seat was great! It is a partial view seat but you can still basically the entire stage! Highly recommend the seat if you want... More
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Saw How to Dance in Ohio on Broadway on 11 February 2024

Balcony A114

Belasco Theatre Balcony A114 view from seat photo
Seat is far from the stage. You don’t miss much, but the balcony bar did block some downstage action but nothing to impede th... More
How to Dance in Ohio on Broadway
Saw How to Dance in Ohio on Broadway on 10 February 2024

Orchestra L110

Belasco Theatre Orchestra L110 view from seat photo
Center orchestra seat with full view of the stage. The stage is high, so I had no head obstructions. Short legroom. More
How to Dance in Ohio on Broadway
Saw How to Dance in Ohio on Broadway on 07 February 2024

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