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Orchestra Guide

The Gershwin Theatre Orchestra is the venue’s largest section and closest to the stage. Situated within one of Broadway’s widest auditoriums, it measures over 70 seats across and comprises a total of 1298 seats. A center section is flanked by two side sections which are split into front and rear halves. Patrons who use wheelchairs will find step-free accessible seats for themselves and a companion in the rear of the Orchestra section on the third floor. It may be prudent to avoid the front few rows of Orchestra seating because the raised stage forces an upward gaze which may become uncomfortable. Thanks to the rake of the seating (the increasing gradient of the seats), a better view is to be had a little further back; anything between rows F and L is optimal. The Mezzanine is set a little way back above the Orchestra, meaning that its overhang doesn’t begin until row N. This means rows behind that may experience cut-off of the very top of the stage.

Left Orchestra

Left Orchestra (left as you look at the stage) allocates its seats odd numbers only, starting at 1 and ending at 37, with the higher numbers reaching to the outer sides. It is best to choose seats below 26 as any further to the side than this can restrict views of the left side of the stage. An aisle exists where rows O and P would otherwise continue, meaning that row Q enjoys a vast amount of legroom. The extreme rear corner offers a below-average view of the stage due to being off to the side and considerably far away. Facial expressions may not be possible to gauge from here. Theatergoers can expect to pay less for the seats from the outside edge of row T and back, therefore.

Right Orchestra

Similarly to the left side, the Right Orchestra seats escalate numerically towards the outside edge. They are all even numbers, starting from 2 and ending at 38. As with Left Orchestra, seats from 26 upwards give a more restricted view the further towards the outside edge they get. Adjacent to Center Orchestra’s O and P rows is an aisle, creating excellent legroom for Right Orchestra row Q. These are among the bests seats in Gershwin Theatre Orchestra for taller patrons looking to stretch out their legs. The outside edge of row T and back are the cheapest Orchestra seats as they offer a restricted and distant view.

Center Orchestra

One large continuous section forms Center Orchestra. Moving from left to right, the seats are numbered from 101 to 118. There are 28 rows, beginning at the front with BB and ending at the rear with Y. The front section of Center Orchestra comprises the most expensive seats in the theater due to the close proximity to the stage.

SeatPlan's Best Views of the Stage

Centre Orchestra rows F to L provide a fantastic view: not too far away or too close, and allowing an unhindered view of the whole stage.

Best Legroom Seats

Left and Right Orchestra row P enjoys expansive legroom because of the aisle in front. Row BB, at the very front of the Orchestra, also offers plenty of legroom.


• The Mezzanine overhang begins at Orchestra row N
• The extreme left and right of the front rows are hampered by a restricted view of the stage
• Rows F to L in Center Orchestra offer the best views in the house
• Extra legroom can be found in Left and Right Orchestra row P and at the very front (row B)
• Designated wheelchair and companion seats are available at the rear of the Orchestra, accessible step free


Center Orchestra seats are the most expensive in the house, becoming more expensive the closer they get to the stage. Left and Right Orchestra seats are a little less expensive, and the front extreme edges and very rear seats even more so.


Two bars can be found on the front Orchestra level of the Gershwin Theatre. Patrons can order intermission drinks to these bars if desired.


The closest restrooms are on the second floor, including one wheelchair accessible restroom.

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