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Hayes Theater

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Mezzanine Guide

The Mezzanine Level of the Hayes Theater seats 218 across three sections, with an aisle between each section. The middle and right sections have nine rows (A to J) and the left section has eight rows (A to H).

A full-service elevator is available to take patrons to the Mezzanine.

Usually, only the front rows of the centre section of the Mezzanine carry the highest prices.

Best views of the stage

While they cost a premium price, the front rows of the centre section offer excellent views of the stage, from a raised position that makes everything easy to see.

As the auditorium is not very wide, views from the front rows of the left and right section are also very good.

Best legroom seats

The Mezzanine can be a little cramped. Book an aisle or a front-row seat in any of the three sections if you wish to prioritise legroom.


- The women’s and accessible restrooms are down on the Orchestra Level and the men’s are further down in the lower lobby, so be quick during the interval or after the show if you want to avoid a queue
- While back few rows of the Mezzanine can be considered the least desirable in the theater, the views are still good compared to equivalent seats in larger Broadway theaters


Snacks and drinks are available at the Harris Levin Bar on the main level of the Hayes Theater. A café lounge is located on the lower level, which is accessible via elevator from the Mezzanine.


There is a ladies’/unisex accessible restroom located downstairs on the orchestra level. The men’s restroom is located in the lower lounge, down three flights of stairs or an elevator ride from the Mezzanine.

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