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Minskoff Theatre seating chart

Minskoff Theatre Seating Chart

The Minskoff Theatre has a capacity of 1692 seats, including 1099 seats in the Orchestra and 593 seats in the Mezzanine. Use our interactive seating chart to view 22 seat reviews and 19 photos of views from seat.

Venue overview

The Minskoff Theatre at One Astor Plaza first opened in 1973 and was named after one of the USA’s largest real estate families, Sam Minskoff and Sons. One of the biggest venues on Broadway, the theater hosted the Tony Awards on four occasions and Miss Universe in 1981. Since 2006, it has been home to the hugely successful The Lion King

. The interior of the theater was originally designed by architecture firm Kahn and Jacobs in a very modern, simple style characterized by gold and white colors. Prior to The Lion King taking up residence, hundreds of craftspeople and artists refurbished the venue over a six-month period. Patrons visiting the Minskoff Theatre these days can enjoy spectacular views across Broadway and Times Square from the lobby windows, surrounded by gold-leaf tableaus on the walls and terrazzo flooring in the walkway.

Before The Lion King became a long-standing fixture, the Minskoff Theatre’s expansive stage and auditorium was the perfect space for large-scale musicals including Sunset Boulevard (1994), revivals of West Side Story (1980) and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1993) and the Broadway premier of Saturday Night Fever (2000).

The Minskoff Theatre’s 1,621 seating capacity is spread across the stage-level Orchestra and balcony-level Mezzanine. The best views of the stage can be found in the front and middle rows of the Center Orchestra, or from row A of the Mezzanine for those preferring an elevated position. Towards the sides and back of both sections of the seating chart, sight lines become more restricted. However, this theater has very good overall sight lines, especially across its wide central sections.


• Elevators and escalators available from main lobby level up to seating
• Coat check is available in the winter months; large bags and luggage not accepted
• Bars are on all levels but drinks can be expensive
• Complimentary booster seats available on request
• Theater staff can help patrons with limited mobility to their seats

Good value seats

Patrons looking to pay a bit less while still enjoying the spectacle of a large-scale musical are in good hands at the Minskoff Theatre. Seats in rows O-W of the Center Orchestra retain decent views for a lower price than the front third of the section. All but the very back rows in the center of the Mezzanine also provide good value seats and a fantastic angle from which to enjoy the vibrancy of The Lion King’s staging.

Premium seats

Seats in the middle of the Center Orchestra are the most expensive and sought after due to their proximity and because they boast the best views in Minskoff Theatre. Some theatergoers may prefer similarly premium seats in the middle of the Mezzanine’s front few rows for their more distant but impressively sweeping sight lines.

Recent seat reviews

Mezzanine E134

LucasB 176cm, 35 reviews, 2 helpful votes
Minskoff Theatre Mezzanine E134 view from seat photo

Usually, I'd say this seat is way too far from the stage but with a spectacle like The Lion King, it wasn't a bother because everything is so huge and impressive that I still felt like I was apart of the show. Great unobstructed view as the rake is very... More

Saw The Lion King The Lion King on 21 December 2016


0 votes

Orchestra ZZ121

gmr 180, 175 reviews, 4 helpful votes
Minskoff Theatre Orchestra ZZ121 view from seat photo

This was a great seat in the orchestra stalls with plenty of legroom. Admittedly, it was in the second last row of the orchestra stalls section but I still felt very engaged. The view was clear, no obstructions. I got this seat through the lottery so... More

Saw The Lion King The Lion King on 03 May 2017


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