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Orchestra Guide

The Minskoff Theatre Orchestra is larger than average, with over 1,100 seats spread across three sections. The Left, Center and Right Orchestra are split up by aisles running the length of each, and at its widest the entire Orchestra measures 46 seats across. The Center Orchestra is the largest section, whilst the Left and Right sides are much narrower.

The Mezzanine overhang starts at row P on the sides, so seats behind this may experience some cut-off at the top of the stage. However, this section generally has very good views across the board, and the extra rake starting at row O ensures patrons further back can still appreciate the striking visual displays on stage. As seats move further to the edge and back of the Orchestra, views become somewhat more restricted and angled. The best seats in the sections are in the Center Orchestra between rows C and M.

The Orchestra contains both wheelchair and transfer seating, with the former located in the step-free back rows, and the latter scattered across the auditorium. The Orchestra is the most expensive area of the Minskoff Theatre, with prices at their highest in the front and middle Center Orchestra, where views are clear, wide and expansive.

Left Orchestra

Left Orchestra seating extends back 25 rows which, at their longest, contain eight odd-numbered seats from 1 on the inside to 15 on the outside. Rows M and N have been replaced by a horizontal aisle, meaning every seat in row O behind has more legroom than other mid-row seats in the section. Good legroom can also be found on the aisles.

Patrons will find that spaces in the far corners of the Left Orchestra do not offer as good a view from seat as the rest of the section. From these vantage points, the audience may not be able to see parts of the left-hand side of the stage and the L-shaped overhang from the Mezzanine may be distracting. The best seats in the section are rows C-E, as close to the inside aisle as possible. Seats in this section start just below premium prices and become less expensive towards the back and extreme corners.

Right Orchestra

The Right Orchestra has the same layout as the Left Orchestra, albeit with even-numbered seating escalating from 2 inside to 16 on the outer edge. Sightlines at the back and far sides are not as good as the inside or the Center Orchestra (once again, the L-shaped overhang from the Mezzanine may be distracting), but the wide stage and spectacular sets can still be enjoyed well from here. The horizontal aisle in front of row O is an excellent choice for more legroom, and the extra rake kicking in on this row ensures patrons have a relatively clear sightline farther back as well.

Anyone looking for premium seats in the Right Orchestra should opt for inside seats on rows C-E, although rows further back are cheaper and still quite good for sightlines. Like the Left Orchestra, seats at the front and inside cost more than those towards the back.

Center Orchestra

The Center Orchestra is the largest section on this level, made up of an uninterrupted block of 28 rows. It is also wide, with the longest rows numbering 101-130 left to right. This width may mean aisle seats are at more of an angle than other Orchestra sections on Broadway. Despite this, views across the Center Orchestra are very good. Patrons should note that the sound desk is situated in the middle of the back three rows; views from here may be more obstructed.

Like its Left and Right counterparts, an extra rake begins at row O, meaning seats behind this benefit from slightly more elevation to overcome being blocked by patrons sitting in front. Whilst the very best sight lines will be found in the center of rows C-M, those further back combine a great view of musical performances with a lower price.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Sitting slightly further back in the Center Orchestra is perfect for a grand musical. The size of the venue means views are wide and impressive from rows C-M.

Best legroom seats

Theatergoers should head for row O in the Left and Right Orchestra for extra legroom across multiple seats. The aisle seats in the Center Orchestra are another great option to avoid feeling too cramped.


• The Mezzanine overhangs starts at row P
• Step-free wheelchair spaces are located at the rear of the Orchestra
• The sound desk juts out into the back three rows and may distract some patrons
• Row O in the Left and Right Orchestra has extra legroom
• Lines for restrooms can get very long – go before or after the show if possible


Center Orchestra seats are the most expensive in the Minskoff Theatre, with the highest priced in the front rows. Seats further back and in the Left and Right Orchestra are a bit cheaper, with the lowest priced options for the section in the extreme back and side areas. Good value seats in Minskoff Theatre Orchestra can therefore be found around rows O-W of the Center block.


There are two bars on the Orchestra level of the theater serving a variety of candy and drinks. Beverages with secure tops are allowed in the auditorium, but may be expensive.


Restrooms are available on this level, including an accessible restroom for wheelchair users. Queues can get long during the interval, so it may be best to go before or after the show.

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