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42 Mezzanine Photos

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Mezzanine Guide

Mezzanine seating hangs above the Orchestra and provides elevated views of the stage, with a relatively steep rake meaning patrons in front won’t block the view. Across the Mezzanine, just over 500 seats are split into the large Center block, with two smaller Left and Right Mezzanine sections, including Boxes, extending forwards on either side.

The front row of the Center Mezzanine gives some of the best views in the entire Minskoff Theatre, with excellent sightlines to enjoy the full spectacle of a performance. Seats in the Left and Right Mezzanine are placed at more of a side-on angle to the stage, but are compensated by the steep rake to retain relatively decent elevated views. Seats in far corners and back rows will feel more distant, however.

Designated wheelchair seats are available in the Left and Right Boxes, and transfer seats in the front half of the section. Prices across the Mezzanine are generally lower than the Orchestra, with the most expensive seats found in the front rows of the Center Mezzanine.

Left Mezzanine

The Left Mezzanine is a small section extending ahead and to the side of the overall Mezzanine. The six rows run from BB at the front to GG at the rear, and seats are odd-numbered from 1 to 11 at the widest point. A Left Mezzanine Box is also situated here. The section is placed quite far to the side of the auditorium, meaning views of the left-hand side of the stage will be partial. Some patrons may also find the wall of this section distracting because of the sideways angle. However, the elevated position of the seats makes it a decent option for enjoying big musicals, with prices matching the back few rows of the Center Orchestra. Legroom in the section is best in the front row or on the aisles.

Right Mezzanine

The Right Mezzanine has a similar seating chart to the Left Mezzanine, with narrow rows pushing out ahead and on the right-hand side of the rest of the section. The six rows escalate even-numbered from 2 to 12, with views best on the inside. Extra legroom is available on aisles and in the front row. The section’s angle to the stage may cause partial views, but a good rake ensures a sweeping sightline that is perfect for large choreographed numbers. A Right Mezzanine Box is located adjacent to the back row of this section for a more private experience, and features wheelchair designated spaces. Prices match the Left Mezzanine, and tend to be in a similar range to the back of the Center Orchestra. Some patrons may find they prefer elevated Mezzanine seats thanks to the steep rake.

Center Mezzanine

This is the largest area of the Mezzanine, forming a continuous arc of seating from 101 on the left to 142 on the right. Rows extend back from A to L, with the best legroom in row A or on the aisles. Views across the section are favorable, and patrons looking to spend less can choose seats towards the middle and back rows. The steep rake in the Mezzanine means views from these areas remain impressively unobstructed, although the final few rows may feel too distant in some cases. Premium seats in the section are in the middle of rows A and B where sightlines are amongst the best in the Minskoff Theatre. Some smaller patrons or children may find the safety railing in row A cuts off the bottom of the stage, but booster seats are available to counteract this.

SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

Choose a seat in row A of the Minskoff Theatre Mezzanine for a clear overhead view of the stage, perfect for appreciating large set pieces and choreography.

Best legroom seats

The front rows (A and BB) and aisle seats have the best legroom in the section. Row A in particular matches central overhead views with space.


• A safety railing in row A may cause partial views for shorter patrons
• Wheelchair accessible spaces are located in the Left and Right Mezzanine Boxes
• Extra legroom can be found in the front rows and on aisles
• Prices for the middle and back of the Mezzanine are similar to the back of the Orchestra


The front and center rows of the Center Mezzanine are the most expensive in the section to account for their excellent aerial sight lines. Prices in the Left and Right Mezzanines are in the same range as the sides and mid-back of the Center, with the cheapest seats in the theater right at the back of the Mezzanine.


Two bars are available on the Mezzanine level, serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alongside candy. Patrons can take bottled water or drinks with secured tops back to their seats. Prices can be high so exercise judgement when purchasing refreshments.


Restrooms are available on this level, including an accessible restroom for wheelchair users. Queues can get long during the interval so patrons may want to go before or after the performance.

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