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Minskoff Theatre
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Minskoff Theatre Capacity

The Minskoff Theatre New York has a capacity of 1692 seats. Section capacities are 1099 Orchestra and 593 Mezzanine. Use our interactive seating chart to view 136 seat reviews and 129 photos of views from seat.

As one of New York's larger venues, the Minskoff Theatre’s seating is spread across the stage-level Orchestra and balcony-level Mezzanine. The best views can be found in the front and middle rows of the Center Orchestra, or from row A of the Mezzanine for those preferring an elevated position. Towards the sides and back of both sections of the seating chart, sight lines become more restricted. However, this theater has very good overall sight lines, especially across its wide central sections.

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Minskoff Theatre Seating Chart

Good value seats

Patrons looking to pay a bit less while still enjoying the spectacle of a large-scale musical are in good hands at the Minskoff Theatre. Seats in rows O-W of the Center Orchestra retain decent views for a lower price than the front third of the section. All but the very back rows in the center of the Mezzanine also provide good value seats and a fantastic angle from which to enjoy the vibrancy of The Lion King’s staging.

Premium seats

Seats in the middle of the Center Orchestra are the most expensive and sought after due to their proximity and because they boast the best views in Minskoff Theatre. Some theatergoers may prefer similarly premium seats in the middle of the Mezzanine’s front few rows for their more distant but impressively sweeping sight lines.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Orchestra H4

Minskoff Theatre Orchestra H4 view from seat photo
Perfect view! The last seats where you can see the entire stage. Seats are directly behind each other but odds are you’ll hav... More
The Lion King on Broadway
Saw The Lion King on Broadway on 12 March 2024

Orchestra P2

Minskoff Theatre Orchestra P2 view from seat photo
To me the seats weren’t the most comfortable. This seat is an “aisle” seat. There is a bar on your left side that doesn’t mov... More
The Lion King on Broadway
Saw The Lion King on Broadway on 15 January 2024

Orchestra P1

Minskoff Theatre Orchestra P1 view from seat photo
Great seat, got full view of stage. It’s on the aisle which is the best part because the cast comes down the aisle a few time... More
The Lion King on Broadway
Saw The Lion King on Broadway on 04 May 2023

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