Derren Brown Miracle at Palace Theatre tickets
Derren Brown Miracle at Palace Theatre tickets

Derren Brown Miracle has closed

This show has closed

About the show

Derren Brown, the Olivier award-winning master of psychological suggestion and manipulation, hardly needs introduction. Off the back of a successful UK tour, Brown presents the West End with the philosophical show Miracle, which invites us to think about what it is that makes us happy.

Derren Brown: Miracle is characteristically shrouded in mystery, with audience members and critics alike asked to be tight-lipped about the astounding feats that have made Derren Brown peerless in his craft. If his past award-winning shows, Something Wicked This Way Comes and Svengali, are anything to go by, the audience can expect his remarkable skill to be in full flow with mind games, language tricks and sleight of hand masterpieces that leave audiences dumbfounded and expose the inner workings of our minds.

Brown’s commanding, intelligent, and humorous stage presence has captivated audiences – once quite literally when audience members were stuck to their seats by power of suggestion in How to Control the Nation (2009) – and Derren Brown: Miracle shows off his trademark blend of showmanship and mystery. The show brings something unique to the West End “when almost everything in theatre is open to inspection and demonstrably explained, it is refreshing to find a performer who depends on bafflement and secrecy” (The Guardian).

Derren Brown has redefined the genre of magic since his TV career kicked-off with debut series Mind Control (2000). Since then we have seen an assassination attempt on the life of national treasure Stephen Fry in The Experiments (2011), a zombie attack in Apocalypse (2012), and middle-managers pulling off an armed robbery in The Heist (2006). Miracle promises to perform the seemingly impossible, and will be a treat for even the most cynical.

Derren Brown: Miracle will open on 11th November 2015 at the Palace Theatre and will run until 16thJanuary 2015.

Recommended for

The curious cynics will join die-hard fans in being captivated by Derren Brown: Miracle. Please note that this show is only suitable for ages 12+.

Age Recommendations: Recommended for 12+

Dates and times

Opened: 11 Nov 2015
Press night: 17 Nov 2015
Booking from: 13 Jan 2016
Booking until: 13 Jan 2016

Location and map

Palace Theatre
109-113 Shaftesbury Avenue
London, W1V 8AY

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I've been going to see Derren's shows for years, this one wasn't his best, but still a great evening.

swannie1967 6ft, 31 reviews, 0 helpful votes

Derren Brown is always amazing!

liamtaliesin 6", 10 reviews, 0 helpful votes

nelezgavc 13 reviews, 2 helpful votes

nelezgavc 13 reviews, 2 helpful votes

Derren Brown was well represented by the clock displayed on stage. He was one with the clock. Derren was selling his best-guarded secret... More

prizedraws 155 cm, 1 review, 0 helpful votes

barbnailmitchell 1 review, 0 helpful votes

Mind boggling!

whingerphil 55 reviews, 0 helpful votes

Intriguing show as always and very entertaining.

jaimecretten 5 "9, 131 reviews, 1 helpful vote

As always an intriguing entertaining show which boggles the mind.

jaimecretten 5 "9, 131 reviews, 1 helpful vote