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Dreamgirls at Savoy Theatre tickets

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Tickets from £15.00


Marisha Wallace, Moya Angela and Karen Mav star in the West End revival of popular Broadway musical Dreamgirls, which charts the rocky rise of girl group “The Dreams”. Premiering at London's Savoy Theatre in November 2016, the sensational musical continues to play to packed out audiences, starring three phenomenal vocalists that share the role which earned Jennifer Hudson a 2006 Academy Award.

Dreamgirls originally opened on Broadway in 1981 and was nominated for a staggering thirteen Tony Awards. After winning six Tony Awards and five Drama Desk Awards in 1982, the musical went on to win two Grammy Awards, including Best Cast Show Album. In 2006, the film that starred Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Hudson and Jamie Foxx was commended with several nominations.

Set in 1960’s Chicago during the dawning era of Rhythm and Blues, Dreamgirls follows three sensational singers as they journey to the top of the charts. “The Dreams” perform regularly and are soon discovered by Curtis Taylor, a former car salesman turned manager. Soon, the girls shoot to fame but are quick to realise that fame is not as fabulous as they once thought, when lead vocalist Effie is replaced by the more dazzling Deena. Based on the successes of music from The Supremes, The Shirelles and James Brown, Dreamgirls includes numbers such as "Family", "I Am Changing", "One Night Only" and the show-stopping "And I Am Telling You".

Singers Marisha Wallace, Moya Angela and Karen Mav share the iconic role of Effie White, alongside Asmeret Ghebremichael as Lorrell Robinson, Brennyn Lark as Deena Jones and Kimmy Edwards as Michelle Morris. Casting also includes Tosh Wanogho-Maud as Jimmy Early, Durone Stokes as C.C. White, Delroy Brown as Marty and Joe Aaron Reid as Curtis Taylor Jr.

Ensemble casting includes Michael Afemaré, Callum Aylott, Georgia Bradshaw, Jabari Braham, Ashford Campbell, Sanchia Amber Clarke, Nicole Raquel Dennis, Nicole Deon, Rhiane Drummond, Ashlee Irish, Emma Louise Jones, Ashley Luke Lloyd, Samira Mighty, Jayde Nelson, Aston New, Sean Parkins, Kirk Patterson, Rohan Pinnock-Hamilton, Ryan Reid, Rohan Richards and Joshua Robinson.

Casey Nicholaw (The Book of Mormon, Aladdin) directs the London revival, which features the original Award-winning book and score by Tom Eyen and Henry Krieger. Dreamgirls is produced by the prolific Sonia Friedman, whose shows have been countlessly nominated for Olivier Awards. First beginning performances at the Savoy Theatre in November 2016, Dreamgirls continues to wow audiences.

Recommended for

Fans of the film will love this stage revival, which first opened on Broadway. Dreamgirls contains very mild adult themes, but is overall suitable for all ages. Very young children will not be admitted into the theatre.

Age Recommendations: Recommended 12+

Dates and times

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes (including an interval)
Opened: 19 Nov 2016
Press night: 12 Dec 2016
Booking from: 23 Nov 2017
Booking until: 02 Jun 2018

Next available performances

Friday 24 Nov 2017--7:30pm
Saturday 25 Nov 20172:30pm7:30pm
Monday 27 Nov 2017--7:30pm
Tuesday 28 Nov 2017--7:30pm
Wednesday 29 Nov 20172:30pm7:30pm
Thursday 30 Nov 2017--7:30pm
Friday 01 Dec 2017--7:30pm

Location and map

Savoy Theatre
Savoy Court, The Strand
London, WC2R 0ET

495 Reviews Add review

As a wedding present from friends, we were treated to a delightful evening to see the evening performance of Dreamgirls on Saturda... More

samhaydenharler 171cm, 27 reviews, 1 helpful vote

As a wedding present from friends, we were treated to a delightful evening to see the evening performance of Dreamgirls on Saturday 25th March 2017. The musical originated on Broadway back in 1981 and following it being made into a film, winning numerous awards, it finally arrived in the West End in late 2016. It has already been rumoured to be making a revival on Broadway soon and with a soundtrack being released in April 2017 – there is no better time and reason to go and see this mighty show! Dreamgirls tells the story of three girls, The Dreamettes with lead singer, Effie White, Deena Jones and Lorrell Robinson with Effie’s brother C.C writing their songs. They get their first break when Curtis persuades James ‘Thunder’ Early to let the Dreamettes sing their backing vocals. Effie soon beings to date Curtis and Lorrell starts an affair with Jimmy. However upon Deena being moved to lead vocals replacing Effie, the story starts to sour. Effie is forced out of the group and the girls then continue on the road to stardom and success. One aspect of the show that becomes apparent is the use of a simple yet effective set design. The production mainly focusses around various lighting rigs which were continually moved to provide the transitions for each scene. However it isn’t until Act two that the audience see more glamour and sparkle from the set. The costumes speak for themselves – they are glitzy, colourful and many of the stunning gowns on display show how hard and talented those behind the scenes are at work in making this production stand out from the opening numbers. This production also showcases a fantastic array of wigs – for most costume changes there are new wigs for the majority of the female roles. This show isn’t just about the performance, but for those who work tirelessly backstage making this show happen. Having seen the Dreamgirls film in 2006, I was familiar with the story and how strong the performances needed to be to make the story come to life. Amber Riley who plays Effie has a voice unlike anybody else. Despite my own experience of seeing the film and hearing the original Dreamgirls soundtrack, Amber’s voice is simply jaw dropping. Her vocal range, depth and emotion had my hair on end throughout the entire performance. I knew Amber had a great voice but I didn’t expect to be blown away by every one of her songs. The audience were on their feet at the end of ‘And I Am Telling You’ and seeing her give everything to this performance was an emotional experience. I may have even let out a cheer and WOW as she hit every single note! The two other female leads, Liisi Lafontaine (Deena) and Asmeret Ghebremichael (Lorrell) had phenomenal vocals and with Asmeret recently joining the cast following Ibionabo Jacks withdrawal from the cast due to health reasons – I absolutely loved her performance from start to finish – a great new addition to the Dreamgirls London cast. Liisi’s ‘Listen’ duet with Amber was another highlight of the evening and I cannot wait for the soundtrack next month to listen to this particular song – it had the audience cheering throughout the song, which was thoroughly well deserved. I have rated Dreamgirls with four stars as I did enjoy the show with many astounding performances, however at times I felt the show could have given more in places. Whilst the set was simple, it often felt underwhelming with the same set piece being used for the majority of the show. With a show as grand as this – I personally felt the set could have been more impressive. The ‘Dreamgirls’ song sounded extremely thin – I’m not sure if a click-track was missing but I expected this number to be far more impressive than it came across – especially as this is their first major song. I must also comment about the impressive Front of House team at The Savoy Theatre. I have seen a lot of live theatre and I was extremely impressed with how quick they identified anyone using their mobile phones and were instantly dealing with this, as well as remaining in the theatre throughout the performance. Well Done All! Dreamgirls is the perfect night out and a great way to see the talent that plays in the West End. This is a show I can see being around for a long while as it continues to delight audiences who keep going back for more. With standing ovations at both the interval and finale it is clear that this show is one to see.

samhaydenharler 171cm, 27 reviews, 1 helpful vote

This was my second viewing of Dreamgirls, the first being last December. On this particular occasion there were four alternates/un... More

TM89 6' 3", 107 reviews, 1 helpful vote

This was my second viewing of Dreamgirls, the first being last December. On this particular occasion there were four alternates/understudies on. My thoughts are as follows: Kirk Patterson As Marty is a relatively small role in a show which is crammed with huge personalities, it's difficult to comment on. Kirk portrayed the role brilliantly, and I'd be more than happy to see Dreamgirls again, not knowing if he was on or it was Nicholas Bailey (who is also very good!) Ryan Reid He definitely did improve into act 2, although I still didn't find myself disliking Curtis as much I should do as a character. Joe Aaron Reid has the benefit of playing the role on a nightly basis, admittedly, but he totally convinced me that the shady car dealer was a villain. I felt that Ryan, however, seemed to play him slightly friendlier, overall. Despite line slip-ups and coming out on stage for "Party, Party" with the mic pack swinging out of his suit jacket for the whole scene, I'm sure that over time he will find his feet in the role. Jocasta Almgill Jocasta!! To me, she totally is Deena. A much better fit than Liisi, I would say. She's the ultimate diva when she heads up The Dreams, channelling Diana Ross, Beyoncé and Deena all in her own way. She also plays the vulnerability of the character brilliantly and her voice is "what else can I say, but wonderful..." Asmeret Ghebremichael This was the first time I'd seen Asmeret as Lorell, and I thought she totally nailed it. In some respects, she is my favourite of the Dreams, and I adored what Ibanabo did, but Asmeret was excellent. I love the tone to her voice, as well as the little changes to her characterisation too. OK, and deep breath... Marisha Wallace I feel truly blessed to have been lucky enough to witness a star being born. She really showcases Effie's bubbly, fun-loving personality pre-family. Rather than showing her as some big-headed, moody wannabe, Marisha really shows her endearing side before the proverbial hits the fan. Because of this, her story arc really touches, as we see her change from this enthusiastic character to one of scorn. Her character development throughout is totally on point. I was left physically trembling with emotion following Amber's AIATY, whereas this time I was still living for it, but it didn't quite move me as much. My other half though, much preferred Marisha's AIATY to Amber's. My big wow moment with Marisha came with I Am Changing. She had me totally transfixed, as yet again, she explored the many sides of Effie's progression. And that voice, though... I have no words. All of the girls voices blended beautifully, especially considering two of them are not the main actors. Overall though, I never felt as though I was watching Amber Riley's alternate, but rather it was Marisha's Effie. She. Owned. That. Role. See her. See her now. And for the rest... Tyrone has a voice like warm honey. Damn I could just drink that. Adam still kills it as Jimmy, of course. Lily is still very forgettable, unfortunately. I know that might be partly due to her character, but Michelle gets one of the best lines in It's All Over. Perhaps because she is meant to be 'the replacement' we are not supposed to care much for her, so in that respect, perhaps Lily plays it well. I think it's a shame though, as I really enjoyed her in In the Heights. The show itself is still a technical and visual treat. It has one of the best sets I've seen in a long while, and the amount of talent is really inspiring. From the last time I saw the show, only three of the leads were the same last night, so it was effectively a very different show - which I loved! Personally, I feel that Amber has the slight edge over Marisha as Effie, but that really doesn't matter, because Marisha is still a force to reckoned with. When Amber eventually moves on, the job of main Effie has to belong to M. She's definitely proved herself more than worthy, and no-one else could touch it.

TM89 6' 3", 107 reviews, 1 helpful vote

The vocals were just stunning and there were so many goosebump moments throughout the show! Amber Riley (Effie) was fantastic. Her... More

amandareynolds 5"6, 16 reviews, 0 helpful votes

The vocals were just stunning and there were so many goosebump moments throughout the show! Amber Riley (Effie) was fantastic. Her vocal range and ability was immense. The growls and riffs and vocal power was amazing and literally brought the roof down. Her acting was also good, although personally I don’t really like the character she played her really well and it felt like she was Effie not just Amber from Glee. ‘I’m Not Going’ and ‘I’m Changing’ were real show stopper moments. However, I was instantly drawn to Liisi Lafontaine (Deena). She stood out because of her acting. She was always totally in character and the emotions she displayed were really true and honest. I felt more for her throughout the show than for the main character as it felt like Deena actually struggled more than Effie did. Her voice was amazing too and I loved the soft quality to it, something that Amber didn’t really show. The duet between Amber and Liisi in Act II ‘Listen’ was just amazing and I felt their vocals really matched each others. Asmeret Ghebremichael (Lorrell) was a very comic addition. Her face was always lit up and she played the other half to Jimmy really well. Again she had a great voice, especially in ‘Ain’t No Party’ where she also had the audience in laughter. Unfortunately Joe Aaron Reid was not on but I saw his understudy Rohan Richards (Curtis) who was just fantastic. Brilliant acting, dancing and singing at all times. I loved the song ‘Steppin’ to the Bad Side’ where the harmonies and choreography were just awesome. Tyrone Huntley (C.C) was really super too, although I did wish he had more songs as his voice is divine. Adam J. Bernard (Jimmy) had also won an Olivier Award 3 days prior and was in full command of the stage and audience. I really enjoyed his performances and he was really funny and larger than life without being over-bearing or unbelievable as a character. I think it would have been good to see more of his struggles during the show too as I did find it glossed over some of the issues but I guess it had to cut some elements out to make sure it lasted less than 2 hours 30 mins. The choreography was fairly simple but effective and it felt true to the era. The costumes were to die for! So much sparkle and glamour! Plus I felt that the ‘normal’ clothes were very well thought about and fitted the correct time period and fashions for young Americans. The quick costume changes were very swift with no major errors. I was really impressed with the set. The set was very simplistic with revolving lights which meant that you could see both on stage and back stage depending on which way they were turned. This was a really clever idea rather than having the performers coming on and off stage each time. The extra props and moving set pieces were all used effectively and were good quality which added to the high end factor of a West End show. The ensemble were all very talented but I felt they were not that prominent in the show. As always without them the show would be more of a concert but they were mainly in the background and it was quite hard to actually see who was on stage. Saying that they all did a great job and I did enjoy the busy feel on stage with the ensemble taking various roles and often just walking on and off stage to add to the effect of being backstage. Having been a fan of the film the music was quite different. I enjoyed the harmonies, especially the guys. Some of the main songs were the same but with slightly different arrangements. I really enjoyed all of the songs and felt that each song was relevant and fitting to the musical. I would definitely recommend the show!

amandareynolds 5"6, 16 reviews, 0 helpful votes

The show was fantastic! What really blows this show out of the park are its vocals, and although male performances are strong it i... More

shannonlenton 1 review, 0 helpful votes

The show was fantastic! What really blows this show out of the park are its vocals, and although male performances are strong it is the vocal talents of the Dreamgirls themselves which knocked this performances out of the park. Not only did I love Asmeret Ghebremichael because she was Broadways original Pilar in Legally Blonde but I love her even more now as Lorrell. Her character was well developed providing comic relief when needed but she also showed a strong powerful woman, who was certainly no push over. Liisi LaFontaine showed no sign of this being her West End debut and she did an exceptional job as Deena Jones, although with Beyonce to contend with in the filmic realm I'm not sure she managed to trump this performance. It was if her role was lessened in her iconic number Listen being changed to a duet between herself and Effie. Perhaps intended to make the song about women empowering one another to go for something and achieve their dreams it just felt like producers giving another moment for Amber Riley to shine. Which is what she certainly did! After getting over my 14 year old Glee loving admiration I really was mesmerised by the sheer talent of this woman. From the moment she walked on stage she owned it and although the cast tried they would never beat the vocal power and quality this lady has. Never before I felt the need to stand up by the end of act 1 but I had to, the sensation that was And I Am Telling You forced me up, I was covered in goosebumps and had to lean back in my seat because her vocals really did feel like a force. She had a lot of pressure coming her way with this song, but boy did she deliver and get the whole audience on their feet. I must mention Adam J Bernard's character as Jimmy Early, his character was so developed and interesting providing much comic relief when needed but again an interesting soul. Played by Eddie Murphy in the movie Adam had clearly picked up on some of his noticeable traits while also making this character his own. My only disappointment here is that the end fate of Jimmy was altered from the movie version and so I think they lost an important message of the show itself. Some of the added songs were catchy, with some slightly slow and repetitive feeling like they were just there to fill in the running time, perhaps why I did not like some of the male characters as much. The set was actually rather simple but effective, with many metal trusts exposed, lighting attached and out there for us to see, almost acting like pillars. Of course extra glitz and glam were added to this at time in true Dreamgirls fashion but these trusts made up the base. The only thing I would say is this production gives off a lot of light, so if you are in the stalls be prepared to get blinded a few times. Overall I have never been blown away with the vocals of a show so much in my life. Of course the story wasn't life changing, it is a movie I know and love and it isn't one to really make an impact on the world. But for a night of sensational entertainment, you're onto a winner.

shannonlenton 1 review, 0 helpful votes

Sensational. I had seen the film and had high expectations but nothing could have prepared me for what the show was actually like... More

sammyrandall 5"8, 5 reviews, 0 helpful votes

Sensational. I had seen the film and had high expectations but nothing could have prepared me for what the show was actually like. I am a massive Glee fan so Amber Riley taking on the role of Effie White was a major factor for me and I was lucky enough to see her. However, I have heard that the alternate and understudy Effie's are just as brilliant. The show itself is fast-paced and I personally liked that. Each scene was executed perfectly and was so slick and professional. The costumes are beautiful and the way the light caught certain ones was clearly visible from my seat in the Dress Circle which I thought was lovely. Some of the costume changes are incredibly quick too and look amazing. The set is beautiful, special mention must go to THAT beaded curtain in Act 2 - it's just stunning. The music is just gorgeous. Like a lot of people in the audience, I knew 3 of the major numbers in the show, however all the other songs were completely original and unheard of to me and I thoroughly enjoyed every one. The cast were insanely talented, obviously Amber Riley was the "star", however, every single person on that stage put in a fantastic performance and really made the show a spectacle. I was expecting fans to cheer and clap when Amber was singing however, the cheering started as soon as she came on stage before she had even said a word! It quickly became apparent that she was born to play this role and the standing ovation at the end of Act 1 and well into the interval was truly deserved. Her rendition of "And I Am Telling You" gave me goosebumps and made me shed a few tears... She ripped the song apart and gave it so much emotion that even people on the back row were whooping with joy. Liisi LaFontaine and Carly Mercedes Dyer were beautifully cast as Deena and Lorrell. Their humour was infectious and the their vocals sublime. I have now come to realise, through reading the programme, that Carly is an understudy. However, I believe she put in a performance worthy of the lead role. I personally loved the interpretation of Curtis by Joe Aaron Reid; I thought he played the part so incredibly well that I found myself loving the villain! Every other member of the cast was fantastic, however my standout performance was Tyrone Huntley as C.C, he played the part so well that I forgot he was an actor. The Savoy Theatre itself is stunning, the staff were friendly and helpful and the seats were comfortable. And I Am Telling You... I'm going again soon!! 5*

sammyrandall 5"8, 5 reviews, 0 helpful votes

I feel extremely grateful to watch this cast for one final time before most of them fly the nest, many of them were there for my f... More

TM89 6' 3", 107 reviews, 1 helpful vote

I feel extremely grateful to watch this cast for one final time before most of them fly the nest, many of them were there for my first ever visit last December, and it really was wonderful see the progress. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so connected to so many cast members, it was a fantastic night. I did see a woman in the box behaving very erratically throughout the entire performance but I didn’t realise it was Sonia Friedman. She was very distracting as I was at the end of row G in the Dress Circle and she in my peripheral vision the whole time. Liisi didn’t feel quite ready for me when she started out in the role of Deena, but last night she was shining. She has now fully developed the character and owns the part fantastically. Adam is just perfect for Jimmy, and he completely nails the quirks and character brilliantly. I can’t imagine anyone else in the role. Asmeret is equally fantastic as Lorrell still, I love how she plays her completely differently to Ibinabo (who was equally as good) and she totally owns her moment in “It’s My Party”. Lily Fraser still grated on me unfortunately. There’s something about her voice that really bothers me but it’s hard to put my finger on. Joshua as CC felt very diluted and unfortunately not a patch on Tyrone. Amber is and always will be, my Effie. She blew the roof off when I first saw her, and her performance always gives me all the feels and tingles necessary for the role. She plays Effie with a greater sadness, particularly during “Family” and “I am Telling You...”. I wish the cast every success in their next ventures and hope the three original Dreams make it to Broadway with this, they truly deserve it.

TM89 6' 3", 107 reviews, 1 helpful vote

Well now, this is the musical that everyone denies is based on the story of Diana Ross and The Supremes. Probably because they don... More

u2fancat 5'6'', 27 reviews, 0 helpful votes

Well now, this is the musical that everyone denies is based on the story of Diana Ross and The Supremes. Probably because they don't want to be sued. No, this is the story, not of Diana, but of Deenah, and the fact that most of it also happened to Diana is purely fiction. I'm sure. Anyhow, it's an engaging story of a young, black, female trio that come to fame in the 60s, and how their lives and careers progress. The music isn't quite as toe-tappingly amazing as Motown - the Musical, but it's very enjoyable. The dancing of one "Jimmy Early" (Adam J. Bernard) is absolutely stunning, and he was the second-most popular star of the evening. The costumes and sets get more elaborate as the show goes on, and are every bit as sparkly and spectacular as the sign outside. (Expect flashing lights and lots and lots of glitter!) But - if you go for any reason, go for the amazing singing of "Effie White". Played by three different actors - see the cast list for more information, I think we had Amber Riley, but I may be wrong) - and I'm not surprised, I was wondering how one woman could do such damage to her throat every night! Whichever it was, she was utterly spectacular - one of those that you watch open-mouthed. Wow. And a nightly standing ovation is well deserved. Booking till February - highly recommended.

u2fancat 5'6'', 27 reviews, 0 helpful votes

I had never seen or listened to Dreamgirls before going to see it and I was so shocked! It's so good! My £20 could not have been b... More

isobeljones-mcauley 3 reviews, 0 helpful votes

I had never seen or listened to Dreamgirls before going to see it and I was so shocked! It's so good! My £20 could not have been better spent than on a high high up upper circle ticket to see Amber Riley. After getting fully lost in a rainstorm on the way to the theatre I completely forgot about the external misery that is English weather and loved every moment of this show. Following the story of the 'Dreamettes' trying to make it in the music business, this show goes through the 60s and 70s in the costumes and musical styles. Gregg Barnes' costumes are glorious - an immaculate mix of dated period clothes and sparkling gowns that bring a tear to this costumier's eye. This production seems to have kept the set and the staging the same as the original Broadway production, but it still looks fresh and interesting. Plus: watch out for a particularly stunning on-stage costume quick change for Effie!

isobeljones-mcauley 3 reviews, 0 helpful votes

I am not really sure where to start with the review - I left the theatre totally speechless, and still now the next morning I am b... More

jamesatwill 178, 70 reviews, 1 helpful vote

I am not really sure where to start with the review - I left the theatre totally speechless, and still now the next morning I am buzzing! I didn't really know much about Dreamgirls, and haven't ever seen a previous production or the film. However I was a big fan of Glee and primarily wanted to see this to see Amber Riley on stage. I was fearful that Amber's voice on Glee might have been 'enhanced' for television, but all my doubts were dashed the minute she began to sing - she is an absolute STAR! Her performance of And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going is probably the best performance I have ever seen on a West End stage. Standing ovation at the interval, with the majority of the audience in tears - I haven't seen a reaction like it at any other show! The rest of the cast were just as brilliant - everyone has such talent, and a special mention must go to the guy playing Jimmy! Everything else about the show was just outstanding, notably the costumes. I can't wait to go back and see it again.

jamesatwill 178, 70 reviews, 1 helpful vote
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