Matilda the Musical at Cambridge Theatre tickets
Matilda the Musical at Cambridge Theatre tickets

Matilda the Musical tickets from £24.00

Tickets from £24.00

About the show

Adapted from Roald Dahl’s 1988 novel of the same name, the story of Matilda has been transformed into a widely praised stage musical filled with all the imagination one would expect from the story’s title character, becoming one of the hottest tickets in town.

Following a highly successful run at the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford Upon Avon between December 2010 and January 2011, the Royal Shakespeare Company transferred their band new production of Matilda to the Cambridge Theatre. The show has remained at the venue since it began previews in October 2011 and, having won a record breaking number of Laurence Olivier Awards, remains one of the hottest tickets in the West End.

Like the book, the stage version of Matilda focuses on the title character, her creative mind and her special abilities. Unfortunately for Matilda, she is somewhat of an outsider in her family, who are self-obsessed con artists. Failing to get the parental love, support and attention she needs, Matilda lives a somewhat lonely early life. That is until she starts school and meets her friendly and understanding teacher, Miss Honey, who sees Matilda for the gifted child she truly is.

Unfortunately, school isn’t even the safe haven that Matilda thought it might be due to her dictator like headmistress, Miss Trunchball, who believes “children are worms” and should be punished should they fall out of line. Can Matilda and her friends overthrow the matriarch and make school the happy place it should be?

One of the most striking elements to the show is Rob Howell’s set design, that spills into the audience and manages to captures ones imagination throughout the entire performance.

Matilda features an inspiring original score by comedian and performer, Tim Minchin. Songs such as “When I Grow Up,” “Naughty” and “Revolting Children” are particularly stand out, as is the shows accompanying choreography, imaginatively created by Peter Darling.

Recommended for

Matilda the Musical is widely praised as one of the best shows currently running in the West End and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Fans of productions such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Lion King and Hetty Feather will love this show for its thrilling music and inventive storytelling.

Age Recommendations: Recommended 6+. No under 5s.

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Dates and times

Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes
Opened: 25 Oct 2011
Press night: 24 Nov 2011
Booking from: 19 Oct 2019
Booking until: 20 Dec 2020

Next available performances

Saturday 19 Oct 2019--7:30pm
Sunday 20 Oct 20193:00pm--
Tuesday 22 Oct 2019--7:00pm
Wednesday 23 Oct 20192:00pm7:00pm
Thursday 24 Oct 20192:00pm7:00pm
Friday 25 Oct 2019--7:00pm
Saturday 26 Oct 20192:30pm--

Location and map

Cambridge Theatre
Seven Dials
London, WC2H 9HU

1167 Reviews Add review

Fabulous show. We were back for a second time and loved it just as much if not a little bit more. In my top 3 West End musicals. Love... More

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This show is quality entertainment. My friends and I had grown up with the book and film as a shared favourite and it was so great... More

zoebinden 12 reviews, 0 helpful votes

Brilliant as a stage show, but not as close to the book as I would hope - Matilda only uses her telepathy twice. Songs are catchy and... More

edwoz 5'10", 40 reviews, 0 helpful votes

All the principles were excellent. The standout for me was Rob Compton who played Mr Wormwood. Outstandingly good. Love with a... More

gerrardkane 5ft7in, 22 reviews, 0 helpful votes

The cast were great and the story is fun. The production is clever and very visually pleasing. However, the show fell a bit flat for... More

jadedacosta 14 reviews, 0 helpful votes

I absolutely love this show! It’s my third visit and I sometimes forget just how musically clever it is. Tim Minchin is a brilliant... More

MusicalFiend 5”6, 7 reviews, 0 helpful votes

The show was great. All of the young actors were very impressive and the story was well told. We attended a 7:30 pm show, which ended... More

jenniferk4 1 review, 0 helpful votes

Absolutely amazing show! The children were brilliant and the story was great! Second time watching the show and would thoroughly recommend! More

AmyE 170, 23 reviews, 0 helpful votes

Personally I love Matilda, it’s one of my favourite films, however I feel that this musical is very different to the film, it’s almost... More

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