Seventeen at Lyric Hammersmith tickets
Seventeen at Lyric Hammersmith tickets

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This show has closed

About the show

Seventeen is the exciting and unique play by much loved Australian writer Matthew Whittet. With performances having ran from the 4th March 2017 to 8th April 2017, this was one of the Lyric Hammersmith’s most exciting new offerings of the year.

Seventeen is a play about a group of children on the brink of adulthood and the edge of a complete change, taking place in the unique time just after the final school bell has rung.

Jess is Mike’s girlfriend and Tom is Mike’s best friend, despite the undeniable fact that he is secretly in love with Jess. Jess is best friends with Emilia and she’s about to get drunk for the very first time. Mike also has an annoying younger sister Lizzy and well, there is also Ronny, but no-one really invited him anyway.

As sunrise draws nearer in a haze of cheap beer and shared dreams and insecurities, all the group’s secrets come out.

Hilarious, poignant and a little bit sad, Seventeen is the new play that turns all notions of being and adult or teenager on its head, featuring a cast of veteran actors playing the group of schoolchildren.

Seventeen is a play by Matthew Whittet, the acclaimed Australian writer with a range of experience in theatre, film and television, having his first play Twelve workshopped in Perth in 2006 at the National Playwrights Conference as well as his follow up Silver being directed by Ben Winspear at the Belvoir Theatre in Sydney.

Seventeen featured Sarah Ball as Lizzy, Michael Feast as Mike, Mike Grady as Ronny, Diana Hardcastle as Jess, Margot Leicester as Emilia and Roger Solman as Tom.

Seventeen opened at the Lyric Hammersmith on the 4th March 2017 with performances having ran until 8th April 2017.

Recommended for

Seventeen is perfect for anyone who enjoys exciting new theatre. With the exciting casting choices, this story of adolescence by one of Australia’s most interesting new playwrights this is definitely one not to be missed.

Age Recommendations: Suitable for ages 14+

Dates and times

Running time: 90 minutes
Opened: 04 Mar 2017
Press night: 14 Mar 2017
Booking from: 08 Apr 2017
Booking until: 08 Apr 2017

Seating plan

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Location and map

Lyric Hammersmith
Lyric Square
London, W6 0QL

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A well acted show that has many moments of innocence and shocking moments! There is strong language too (just to make you aware!) It... More

paulfootie 6'3", 96 reviews, 3 helpful votes

I really enjoyed this show. Having older actors play teenagers was really refreshing and took me back to my own teenagehood. How the... More

helenkeegan 5' 3", 38 reviews, 0 helpful votes

A good cast but too severely staged and poorly scripted. Felt a little like a rejected episode of Skins.

emmabrookes 5"6, 71 reviews, 39 helpful votes

I wasn’t very keen on ‘Seventeen’ and I’d made my mind up on it after about the first 20 minutes. I found it very uncomfortable watching... More

joc78 5"4, 435 reviews, 7 helpful votes

This is a wonderful show. Clever and funny and touching. Well worth seeing.

rhiev 5' 6", 218 reviews, 15 helpful votes

It could have been so much better. A couple of stand out performances and a couple under par. Overall the story had a good idea at... More

debrawild 5'2, 102 reviews, 14 helpful votes

alicebandiziol 160cm, 22 reviews, 0 helpful votes

The concept of older actors playing teenagers was intriguing, and it paid off well. This was well acted, and the play, though mainly... More

londontheatrefan 5'4", 204 reviews, 5 helpful votes

The concept of older actors playing teenagers was intriguing, and it paid off very well. This was very well acted, and the play, though... More

londontheatrefan 5'4", 204 reviews, 5 helpful votes