St Martin's Theatre
West Street
London, WC2H 0DP
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Opened: 25 Mar 1974
Booking from: 24 May 2017
Booking until: 06 Jan 2018
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

25 May 2017


26 May 2017


27 May 2017


29 May 2017


30 May 2017


31 May 2017

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  • shazzap 5" 7 female 5 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Mousetrap, 11th May 2017
    Absolutely loved The Mousetrap and was pleasantly surprised by how funny it was. A real institution in that is has been running for 60 years now and at this specific theatre since the early 70's. Fantastic acting. The set was great. A must see!
    Sat in Stalls G12
    Wonderful seats with a perfect view. More legroom than you could ever need! Easy access to bar and toilets. The theatre is stunning.
    G12 Stalls - St Martin's Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls G12
  • carolinecornish 3 reviews 1 helpful vote
    100% total rating The Mousetrap, 26th April 2017
    Fantastic play, great story and great actors, keep you guessing from the beginning. Their snow on the windows looked real, even the sound of the wind. You felt a part of it. You must keep the secret of who did it!
    Sat in Stalls C5
    Perfect view, great seats, right near front.
    C5 Stalls - St Martin's Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls C5
  • robertbethell 1 review 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Mousetrap, 28th April 2017
    The show was brilliant dialogue very clear the only thing I picked up on I was not sure of was the word "bilking" used I think in the first scene?? Not sure the word was around when the play was written, however just my feel on it, otherwise very entertaining.
    Sat in Stalls B17
    Visibility was good the actors movements good and all was very enjoyable.
  • theresaschick 179cm female 42 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Mousetrap, 25th October 2016
    Sat in Stalls A6
    I had a fantastic view from this seat! The proximity to the stage only adds to the suspense of the play! There is plenty of legroom too.
The simple set up and staging mean there’s not much advantage to being able to take in the whole stage. Buying tickets in the central Stalls or Circle can give you best view of the actor’s expressions and feel involved in the action, however cheaper tickets can be found nearer the back and towards the ends of rows, that can offer good value for money.
St Martin's Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap is a West End institution, having been performed continuously in the West End since 1952 it has earned the title of the world’s longest running show.

Young couple Mollie and Giles Ralston have set up a country guest house at their home, Monkswell Manner, and are expecting their first guests when it is announced that there has been a grizzly murder nearby. The guests and their hosts become snowed in but a detective is sent on skis to investigate as Monkswell is suspected to be the site of the killer’s next murder. With all the characters behaving shiftily there is no shortage of suspects in this, the ultimate whodunnit, as after all, who is setting up a mouse trap?

Christie is said to have drawn on the real life case of a boy Dennis O’Neil, who died in the care of foster parents, in Shropshire as inspiration for the play’s storyline. The play began life as a radio play called Three Blind Mice, with the name later being changed to The Mousetrap.

Agatha Christie is possibly the world’s most famous crime writer, having written over 60 murder mysteries and created the iconic characters of Poirot and Miss Marple.

As you’d expect from a show that’s been running so long it can feel like a bit of a blast from the past however regular cast changes ensure the material is kept fresh. Part of the joy of a trip to see The Mousetrap is feeling like you’re becoming part of history as each night a wooden sign displays what number performance this is for this record breaking show (and makes the perfect back drop for a photo op!) and of course there is the famous twist which, in traditional style, the cast ask you to keep secret at the end.

The Mousetrap is one of London's top theatre tickets, and is a must see for any theatre-lover.
Fans of Agatha Christie will want to complete their appreciation of her work by taking a trip to see this, her only stage play. If you’re after a quintessentially British experience or a taste of times gone by then this is the show for you. Don't miss out the opportunity to buy great The Mousetrap tickets now.

Age Recommendations: Recommended for ages 12+