Theatre Royal Haymarket
London, SW1Y 4HT
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Opened: 06 Oct 2017
Booking from: 17 Oct 2017
Booking until: 09 Dec 2017
Duration: TBC

18 Oct 2017


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24 Oct 2017

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  • susannahrosemn 5"3 female 113 reviews 3 helpful votes
    80% total rating Venus in Fur, 9th October 2017
    Despite the four stars, I am fairly torn about this production! The two leads are brilliant; Natalie Dormer proves that she is wonderfully diverse, and David Oakes is very amusing - there's an electric chemistry between them. The story itself is lacking slightly. It fits in a lot of the infamous novel Venus in Furs, which is supposedly slightly "pornographic" and about sado-masochism. It's heavy-handed on female empowerment, which is great, but when the play itself is written by a man (and the whole creative team is male), it undermines its own point. Still, very worth seeing for the magnetic central performances.
    Sat in Stalls K8
    A very good seat in the mid-front of the Stalls. This seat is toward the centre of the row, which means you get a good panoramic view of the stage. There's a decent rake too, which means you can see past those in front of you - and if not, seats are staggered to ensure you can see through the gap anyway. Someone very tall was in front of me, which only slightly hindered the view - not enough to not want to sit here. Legroom was average enough to be comfortable, but the seats themselves aren't great - they are very stiff and narrow. Overall I would sit here again, as you get a great view of the whole stage and are close enough to see details and facial expressions, and feel fully immersed in the production.
    K8 Stalls - Theatre Royal Haymarket - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls K8
  • shaun 5"10 male 45 reviews 2 helpful votes
    80% total rating Venus in Fur, 9th October 2017
    Great production which is funnier than most comedies, while also being a far more thought-provoking and nuanced play. Natalie Dormer is fantastic as Wanda and manages to turn the comedy into intensity on a knife edge, while David Oakes plays off her well as the neurotic playwright. Despite all the hyped as an ‘S&M play’, it is actually far more about gender and power, with these questions playing out between the director and an auditioning actress as they perform and dissect his new play. Fast-paced and exciting, its definitely one to watch!
    Sat in Stalls K9
    This is a really good seat that is fairly central and has a great view of the stage. The stage is fairly high so unless you’re very short you shouldn’t have a problem seeing the whole stage without restrictions, while, the row in front is staggered so it is easy to see between people’s heads. Good leg room as well and fairly comfortable. It could be slightly closer to the stage, but other than that, highly recommended.
    K9 Stalls - Theatre Royal Haymarket - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls K9
  • joc78 5"4 female 185 reviews 2 helpful votes
    60% total rating Venus in Fur, 10th October 2017
    ‘Venus in Fur’ was a bit of a curates egg for me. I absolutely loved the performances of David Oakes and Natalie Dormer (in particular) who were both electric in their roles. The chemistry between them was electrifying. I wasn’t however overly struck on the play as I found it just a tad too confusing. I’m not a huge fan of ‘plays within plays’. I’m really pleased I got to see this production though as it’s worth it for the fantastic performances.
    Sat in Stalls T7
    This seat is situated near to the back of the Theatre Royal Haymarket and offers a reasonable view of the stage. As you can see from the photo, I had somebody quite tall to the left of me which did impede my view slightly when there was something happening on that side of the stage but it wasn’t a major issue. The seat is comfortable but there isn’t much leg room in this row. You do feel quite a far way back from the stage but as far as seats in the stalls go, this was pretty reasonable.
    T7 Stalls - Theatre Royal Haymarket - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls T7
  • sondheimkid 170 male 125 reviews 23 helpful votes
    80% total rating Venus in Fur, 9th October 2017
    Funny and sexy play about gender dynamics, beautifully designed, directed and performed. Natalie Dormer in particular is brilliant, this is probably the best performance of her career so far. As for the play, it is not particularly subtle and things linger a bit after a strong opening scene, however it stills manage to be enjoyable and entertaining.
    Sat in Stalls P9
    The legroom is limited, at times it wasn't enough even for me and I'm just 5'7''. The seat itself is quite comfortable tho, and provides a clear, near and unobstructed view on the whole stage. Totally recommended, I would sit here again!
    P9 Stalls - Theatre Royal Haymarket - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls P9
Tickets in the Stalls at the Theatre Royal Haymarket are generally the most expensive in the theatre, but will offer some of the very best views, however an overhang from the Circle can restrict some of the rear Rows.

Tickets for the Royal Circle and Upper Circle will often offer good views of the stage, but be warned that these sections are curved and seats at the ends of rows can be very side on.

The Gallery feels very distant, but if you are on a budget, then tickets for the central sections can be a very good option.
Theatre Royal Haymarket, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Natalie Dormer and David Oakes star in the London premiere of David Ives’ acclaimed Broadway play Venus in Fur. Set to open at the Theatre Royal Haymarket on 6th October 2017, for a strictly limited 9 week run until 9th December 2017, tickets are bound to fly for one of the most exciting new shows this year.

Venus in Fur tells the story of the enigmatic acres Vanda Jordan, who turns up at an audition for the new play by Thomas Novachek, a New York based writer-director.

Despite being hard to imagine that Vanda will be impressive in the role, with her brash and vulgar attitude, she manages to convince him with her seductive charm during an evening in downtown Manhattan.

An ingenious and darkly comic play, Venus in Fur is an eloquent and thrilling story where actors and characters combine, resulting in an intriguing shifting power valance.

Venus in Fur is directed by prolific British playwright and director Patrick Marber. Marber is best known for his recent smash hit West End versions of Travesties staring Tom Hollander at the Apollo Theatre and Don Juan in Soho starring David Tennant at Wyndham’s Theatre.

Arguably however, Marber’s best work to date is the 1997 play Closer for which the director received the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play, the Evening Standard Best Comedy Award and the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Foreign Play. Marber subsequently turned Closer into acclaimed 2004 film of the same name, starring Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen.

Natalie Dormer is set to make a welcome return to the London stage, after having previously starred in After Miss Julie at the Young Vic in 2012. Dormer is perhaps best known for her roles in acclaimed Hollywood Films such as Cresssida in The Hunger Games series, as well Margery Tyrell in the much-loved HBO TV series Game of Thrones.

Dormer is joined by star of stage and screen, David Oakes. Oakes’ recent roles have included Prince Ernest II in the acclaimed ITV series Victoria, as well as Victor Silver in the BBC series Ripper Street.

With an acclaimed duo of actors, one of Britain’s most loved directors, and one of New York’s most exciting new writers, this is set to be one of the most exciting West End openings of the year. Tickets are now available for this strictly limited run from 6th October 2017 to 9th December 2017 at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.
For those who have enjoyed Patrick Marber’s previous plays such as Don Juan in Soho and Travesties this is the perfect opportunity to get tickets to a new play by the great director.

It is also a rare opportunity for fans of acclaimed actress Natalie Dormer, take to the London stage once again.

Age Recommendations: Recommended for 15+