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Stalls guide

The Stalls are divided into nine blocks, with multiple horizontal and vertical aisles to make it easy to get around. The multiple aisles also mean a large number of seats are available with additional legroom.

The front half (rows A-M) of the stalls are separated into the three blocks. The central block offers the best views in the venue. At 30 rows, the Stalls are very deep and the rear-most seats can feel quite far back. The views from Row Y backwards may be affected by the overhang of the Circle above.

Standing space is available at the back of the Stalls for some productions.

For certain performances, all seats will be removed from the Stalls to make it an “all-standing” area. This increases the capacity of the venue to 5,000. For these performances, Stalls tickets are sold as “General Admission”.


There are two bars on Stalls level, near the entrance of the venue. Two kiosks selling snacks and other refreshments are also available. All bars and kiosks in the Stalls are fully accessible.


Toilets are available at the sides and back of the Stalls section of the auditorium. Accessible facilities are located at the rear of the Stalls near the wheelchair access ramp. These facilities are fitted with a RADAR lock. A member of staff is able to open this if you do not have a RADAR key.

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